Impara srl is a spin-off of the Italian National Research Council, with main offices in Genoa, Italy.

Impara srl develops general and application oriented artificial intelligence (machine learning) techniques to analyse real world data providing decisional support and knowledge extraction.

In particular, the software Rulex®, created by Impara, allows users with little or no experience in artificial intelligence to employ advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms through an intuitive visual interface.

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What We Do

Impara srl provides support in the field of data analysis and decision making. In particular, we can assist our customers by

  • Providing consulting, which may include the design and development of application oriented  solutions and the analysis of data provided by the customer.
  • Supplying the Rulex software as a stand-alone tool.
  • Integrating the Rulex methods in the customer’s suites according to a client-server architecture.

Thanks to the universality of the Rulex approach, it can be adopted in any situation where a collection of samples is available. In particular, in the last years we have successfully applied our algorithms in a variety of fields, including trade promotion forecasting, customer segmentation, substance recognition through artificial nose, assisted clinical diagnosis, gene recognition in microarray analysis, adaptive control of systems.

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